President Obama, Polls and Pundits

Recently I was in a hospital radiology waiting room with two other persons, an elderly self-proclaimed native Floridian red-necked male and a Hispanic person employed in the home health field.

This loquacious 80-something WWII Air Force veteran was sharing with the other room occupant that “Obama” was in a “no-win ” situation and doesn’t blaming him for doing the best he could under the circumstances. He also shared “scuttlebutt” on two US Senators currently in Washington who want us to “rule the World”.

This gentleman made us aware that he had recently received a fund-raising letter from Gov. Rick Scott whose greeting said “Dear Friend”. He was truly incensed  to have received this letter and let Scott’s people know in no uncertain terms to take him off their list, and he certainly wasn’t “their friend”.

The Hispanic lady was excited as she was getting extra training to start her own “home Health venture”, and wouldn’t have been able to do it without “Obamacare”.

President Obama and company, forget those polls. A number of persons of all races and genders  I speak to in Florida “have your back”. Also, I’ve stopped answering pollsters telephone calls for a year, and don’t intend to resume anytime soon.

People I speak with in Florida and around the country haven’t forgotten Romney and the 47 percent, as well as The Republican Party regarding women’s right’s; reproductive rights; voting rights; LBGT; equal pay for women; unemployment insurance, food stamps, and the list is endless.

President Obama, “don’t let the clowns get you down”.

Your list of accomplishments will live on into perpetuity regardless of murkiness” employed by the Republicans to make you look less than “legitimate”.

Remember, we are dealing with small minds of bigioted and biased people.

“Keep the faith”, and “keep on pushing”.

I’ll say it for you Mr. President — Republican’s and some pundits were never going to make it easy for a bi-racial male in the White House. Remember, some of them purportedly on the night of your first inauguration met to plot your downfall. Does the name Eric Cantor come to mind?

Let’s face it, a majority of American people that they poll don’t remember history, and will always want revisionist history as far as you’re concerned. For these folks, “white privilege, male privilege” is alive and well”. They are freaking out about “people of color” eventually becoming the majority in America.

I know you will continue to “do the right thing”.



Serving Those Who’ve Served

Coming from a family who has served in most branches of the military excluding the Coast Guard and Merchant Marines, it grieves me to hear the latest scandal affecting the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

My brother, aunt, uncles and cousins have served their Country since World War II through the present, all in various capacities. Unfortunately, one uncle, a Vietnam “tunnel rat” initially experienced a less than desirable outcome from the VA until my aunt intervened and got her brother the appropriate resources. This is the only incident I personally know of affecting my family adversely; all others have been complimentary of the VA Health Systems.

Hearing military analysts on various news outlets say veterans should receive a card and get their medical care in the community gave me pause. How will this happen?

Most Republican Governors have declined the Affordable Care Act funds endorsed by hospital associations to prevent closure of hospitals. Some hospitals have closed already, and people have been laid off, and/or working part time. How will this make the situation better?

Remember, whether public or private, we are only as good as the people we work with.

Let’s work proficiently and expeditiously to resolve this critical matter and not make it a political issue.


Today has been an extremely emotional one because of the “9/11 Memorial Dedication”.

Okay, I admit I was bawling, remembering the telephone calls from my maternal aunt telling me about her daughter who was in one of the “Twin Towers” when it was hit, and how she was able to get out and walk home to Brooklyn barefoot.

Auntie also told me about my other cousin who was to have taken a group of his students to “D.C”, but of course, it wasn’t to be.

This event dredged up discomfort because two of my mother’s younger siblings have died this year. Uncle was a veteran, and Auntie, the mother of my cousin who was able to walk away from the “Twin Towers” unlike the almost three thousand victims that will forever be buried at this site.

Of course, as I thought about this, I said to myself as Rodney King did — “why can’t we all just get along”?

Please folks, remember, we all bleed the same color blood (red), and we should be loving and assisting one another, not being vicious, vindictive and spiteful.

Court Jesters Strike Again

Another hearing on Benghazi!!!

Purportedly family members of slain Americans have requested that this not occur, and I concur with them. How is another hearing “fiscally responsible?”

These clowns have decreased funding for pretty much all Departments that will help Americans, and then scream “hearings” when things go wrong because of their leadership. What planet are they from? What am I missing from reading their oath of Office and their propensity for irresponsibility?

When  the GOP won Congress in “2010”, they promised jobs, but consistently thwarted President Obama’s proposal to put Americans back to work — infrastructure (bridges, roads, etc.).

Come on guys, let’s be responsible, and stop with the sanctimonious smirks/whining, and help our Country/economy.




Former Respected Mainstream News Anchors/Correspondents on Fox News Corporation

I’ve noticed recently that quite a few news anchors/correspondents are now affiliated with the Fox News Corporation.

I’m now so disillusioned by my perceived sense of betrayal. I know, it is a “job” for them, but when I see them, it’s hard to continue watching them do the Fox corporate walk. All I think is — mindless minions (synchophants), co-opted by money.

Granted, it isn’t one of my favorite news stations. If I’m in a business that has this news station on, I make a request that they turn it down or mute the volume. If they don’t acquiesce, I then terminate services with the firm after letting them know about their impartiality, or their potential for not being tolerant of diversity.

News from this station I feel fosters racism, classism and biogtry, and people I formerly admired, now affiliated with them, personally, “it hurts”. So now, I guess must say farewell to your former excellent journalism, and hello to “crass  trash”.


Disrespect Of President Obama

Some political leaders from other countries are emboldened to be disrespectful to President Obama because disrespect and vitriol exhibited by GOP and other right-wing idealogues.

The only difference between Obama and all other presidents is that he is a recognized bi-racial individual.

Just thinking–wouldn’t it be nice to see what’s in all former presidents and other political leaders/aspirants DNA closets!

Spring Has Sprung

Now is the time for all persons to clean house, both at home and politically on a local, state and federal level.

At home, you can garden outside and freshen the house inside by opening the windows and letting the fresh air in.

Politically, that is another story. Thank God for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Greater than seven million persons signed up for healthcare. One of those persons is a diehard 60-something Republican who was able to retire with affordable lower cost insurance for his wife and himself. Unfortunately, he was being forced out – cutting of salary, and increasing his hours of work. At least, he is now able to retire without an added stressor, no insurance.

This Fall, people must ensure that they get out and vote for the middle-class who has been in a no-win situation for many years. A great number of boomers that my family knows are supporting their children, grandchildren as well as great grandchildren.

When voting, remember, vote for the person who doesn’t obsfuscate your ideals for you or your family and will ensure the viability of our Country for generations. Remember to vote early and carry registered persons with you. If you know of unregistered voters, work with them to ensure that they exercise their right to vote.

Let me know if you feel it is important to vote this Fall on a local, state and federal level.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.